Product Information

ERADICATE...kills snails & slugs dead!

How & Why ERADICATE Works...
Iron compounds in general are known to be toxic to snails and slugs, but most simple iron salts are either repulsive to snails and slugs or are so insoluble that they pass straight through the organism without entering the blood stream. It appears that there are no unchelated iron compounds that can be used as an active ingredient in an effective snail and slug killer.

In 1994 and 1995 two scientists, a Canadian and Dr. Colin Young, independently found that some chelated iron compounds could be incorporated into a grain based bait to make an effective molluscicide (snail & slug pellet). 

Scientists believe that iron compounds are toxic to molluscs and crustaceans because under certain circumstances the iron replaces the copper in the oxygen carrier (blood).

In molluscs and crustaceans the oxygen carrier is haemocyanin, a copper chelate, rather than haemoglobin, an iron chelate, which is the oxygen carrier in red blooded organisms including humans.

Application Rates...
Application rates vary widely depending on the level of infestation, the species of snail and the climatic conditions.

A light infestation is considered to be 10-20 snails per square meter would need approximately 5-7kg/Ha, whereas a heavy infestation can be in excess of 1,000+ snails per meter which would need closer to 12-15kg/Ha.

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